The excellent XML editor oXygen comes with the TEI schemas
pre-installed. The current release of oXygen (8.2) came out a while
ago, and thus comes with an older version of TEI P5 than this new 0.7

This will not be an impediment to many users who either generate
their own customized P5 schemas via Roma (recommended) or who start
their encoding sessions by choosing "New from Templates..." from the
"File" menu in oXygen (great for experimenting or teaching, but
generally not recommended for actual encoding projects). This is
because the templates point to schemas on the TEI website, not in the
local oXygen installation.

Nonetheless, some users would probably like to have the current TEI
P5 schemas in their oXygen installation. In order to facilitate doing
this, I have updated the compressed archive of some replacement
directories for directories inside oxygen/frameworks/tei/xml/. The
installation instructions are slightly different than they were for
previous replacement frameworks, though.


1. Download the file

2. Unpack that file; a single directory will be created that is named
   oxygen%frameworks%tei%xml/. (Yes, the name is ugly, but it is
   informative: if you think of the percent signs as slashes you get
   the path to the directory that holds the folders you're going to

3. That directory contains two directories named tei/ and teip4/.
   Replace the directories
   with these new directories.

4. You're done. Delete the oxygen_frameworks_tei.tar.gz file and the
   entire oxygen%frameworks%tei%xml/ directory. I don't even think
   you need to restart oXygen.