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Ralph Cleminson wrote:

>> I don't really see how a quote could turn up inside bibliographical 
>> > info. Could we see an example?
>> > 
> How about:
> N. S. Demkova, "Iz komentarija k tekstu 'Slova o polku Igoreve': 'sego
> bo nyne stasha stjazi Rjurikovy, a druzii -- Davydovy'", Trudy Otdela
> drevnerusskoj literatury 55 (2004), pp.162-172, in which the second
> phrase within single inverted commas is a quotation from the text which
> is the subject of the article?

I think in a case like this, in which bibliographical information 
appears as part of the flow of text, interspersed with other text 
including the quotation itself, I would do one of two things: either 
wrap the two halves of the bibliographical info in two separate <bibl> 
tags, linked in some way, and mark the quote with a <q> or <quote> tag; 
or leave the bibliographical information unmarked in the body of the 
text, but link the quote to a full bibliographical record elsewhere (in 
the references or bibliography section of the document).

It's very common for the flow of text in an academic article to include 
information like this arranged in such a way that the standard 
<cit><q></q><bibl></bibl></cit> model doesn't fit with it; that's one 
reason I'm tending these days to favour linking all bibiographical bits 
in a text to formally-structured <biblStruct> records, so that, no 
matter how fragmentary or partial the in-text information, the full 
record can be supplied in a mouseover or a popup at all points where 
it's required.