David Sewell wrote:
> On Wed, 2 May 2007, Patrik Nyman wrote:
> I'd upload it to the TEI Wiki, but need some feedback first: there is a
> top level "Stylesheets" category that contains two subcategories, XSLT
> and CSS. I could add an "XQuery" category but there's no such thing as
> an "XQuery stylesheet". Should we rename "Stylesheets" to "Stylesheets
> and Functions" or "Stylesheets and Program Code"? 

Good question.

I'd say make an XQuery category page and include it on the current
'Stylesheets' page in the meantime and we'll rename that page if a
consensus appears.  Maybe 'Style and Transformation'?  Maybe we should
break off CSS as 'Style' and the rest as 'Transformation and Querying' or

However the XQuery looks nifty and I look forward to trying it out soon!


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