Hi everyone,

I've got a situation where the manuscript has small graphical  
elements that should be recorded as part of the page, but don't meet  
the description for <figure>.  Examples are flourishes under a poem  
or signature, brackets around line groups, a box drawn around finis,  
and horizontal rules.

Right now, they are encoded with <figure>, but I think that  
overstates the case.  These are not tables or block level elements.

Option 1:
Encode them with <seg type="flourish" rend="below"><graphic n="4" /></ 
seg>, where n is the number of flourishes in that seg.  The rend  
element would indicate where the flourish is in relation to the line.
<trailer><seg type="box">finis</seg></trailer>

Option 2:
How about glyph?  <g type="flourish" subtype="..." rend="below" />

Option 3:
Use rend to identify the graphic:
<lg rend="bracket_right">
<trailer rend="boxed">finis</trailer>

I'm not sure how to handle this consistently -- any suggestions?
Karin @ UVic