On the quetion of including a misrepresenting <l> element in the base text
to connect the apparatus to the base text:

an anchor element is available.

(anchor point) attaches an identifier to a point within a text, whether or
not it corresponds with a textual element.

> Ron Van den Branden wrote:
> =
>> It seems missing lines should be encoded as follows:
>> <l>This is the day</l>
>> <l>
>>  <app>
>>    <lem/>
>>    <rdg wit="#wit1">that was</rdg>
>>    <rdg wit="#wit2"/>
>>  </app>
>> </l>
>> But strictly speaking, this misrepresents the text structure for both
>> the base text as wit2, that don't have this particular line.
> This would be difficult to do in our case, because the apparatus is
> encoded separately from the base text, linked by the loc attribute on
> the app tag. We'd have to include an extra <l> tag in the base text just
> to provide a hook on which to hang the apparatus, and as you rightly
> say, that would be misrepresenting the structure of the base text.
> Cheers,
> Martin