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> Yes, they definitely need to just work on selling Ido on its own
> merits rather than trying to leech off the E-o movement.  I can
> see where marketing to E-o users may make some sense because
> these people have already demonstrated and interest in a
> constructed language, but that shouldn't be the sole focus.

I have long maintained that it is a strategic blunder to try to market
Ido as "reformed Esperanto" or "improved Esperanto."  Recently I have
been critiquing some of the documentation for Lingwa de Planeta now
being translated into English.  I remarked to Dmitry Ivanov my opinion
that the documentation should not go around touting what is done as in
Novial or Esperanto or whatever.  If they want to make comparisons to
the way something is done in Russian or Arabic or English or whatever,
fine, but comparisons to other conIALs are counterproductive.  He seems
to agree with me now.

Paul Bartlett