I was looking for information about several conlang/auxlang 
conferences to be held this year, and couldn't find it. Does anybody 
know what's going on?

(1) The Idists seem to be the most conscientious about their annual 
Konfero; (*) there's info available about it on-line (it will be held 
in Paris, in October).

(2) I can't find word one about this year's supposed Interlingua 
Conference, even though it's been two years since the last one. 
There's nothing at the UMI home page. The only reference I saw to it 
was in someone's blog, written in 2005, with the suggestion that it 
might be held in Estonia. Does anybody know what, if anything, is 
happening with the 2007 Interlingua conference?

(3) At the Klingon Language Institute, the link to info about the 
next qep'a' simply takes us to a picture from the last one. Maybe 
this _was_ this year's conference, and it's already happened (though 
in fact I suspect it was the 2005 conference). Does anybody know 
whether there is going to be a 2007 qep'a'? (For that matter, does 
anybody know whether there was a 2006 qep'a'?)

(4) Last year's Lojban "logfest" -- more properly "jbonunsla" -- was 
held in conjunction with Philcon. I can't find any indication that 
one has been arranged for this year. Does anybody know anything about this?


(*) With the possible exception of the Esperantists, who have dozens, 
perhaps hundreds, of conferences to be conscientious about.

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