Sr. Don Harlow scrit:

(6) Interlingue. Searching on "Occidental" is a good way to get
frustrated, the word is so common in list descriptions. Searching on
"Interlingue" gave me the lists "interlingue" and "kosmoglott" with
one member each (anybody care to guess who?) and no messages, the
list "Interlingue_Rome_2004" which has nothing to do with
Interlingue/Occidental, and finally the "occidental" list. Of the
last 30 postings on the list (all in May, which has had 49 postings
so far), most seem to be in Occidental, and -- surprise, surprise! --
a majority come not from Bob Petry (aulinuniv), though he posts
there, but from other legitimate posters, including several Auxlangers.

1. Yes, who is is the one member on "interlingue" and "kosmoglott"? It isn't me, which you already know, don't you?

2. Why should it be a surprise that I am not the main poster on "Occidental"? Would it be wrong if I were?

3. And, is your last comment saying I am not a legitimate poster there? If so, how do you figure that?

I see why James C. gets on your case now and then. And, it seems, with good reason.

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