"Isn't Colemak doomed to irrelevancy like Esperanto?

The main difference is that in order to communicate you need to find other people that speak 
the same language. You don't need to make other people switch keyboard layouts in order to 
use Colemak. It takes significantly less time to learn a keyboard layout than it takes to learn a 
language. I'm hoping Colemak will eventually overtake Dvorak, but unfortunately QWERTY 
will continue to be the standard."

Interesting comment, don't you think, found at:

This is why I prefer Occidental. I don't have to look for Occidental speakers to talk with 

Esperantists have really never satisfactorily answered this problem for them. They tap dance 
around it by claiming numbers of "speakers" around the world, and no other IAL has that 
number. For some reason they can't grasp that numbers like that mean nothing when one 
person with Occ can communicate with almost anyone they meet within vast areas of the 
planet. So, in that case, there is no need to have thousands or "two million" Occidentalists to 
visit while touring foreign countries. Is that so hard to grasp?

And, I think the above quote shows that this is still a problem outsiders to Esperanto easily 
see that the Esperantists can't quite grasp.

Robert Petry
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