On 5/22/07, James Chandler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Don skripted:
> >The Idists seem to be the most conscientious about
> their annual Konfero
> Since splitting from the Idists, I've been wondering
> whether this might actually be part of the problem.
> The Idists do spend a disproportionate amount of each
> year planning the annual Konfero.

I think we couldn't require them to act differently, given that the
work of each Idist is voluntary.

>  Perhaps they should
> take a leaf out of Ia's book and only organise a
> conference every other year.  The non-conference years
> could then be used to develop the language.  I did
> sometimes get the impression that some Idists were
> more interested at times in the tourism than in such
> tedious chores as adopting new words.

I have to admit that, although I enjoy languages a lot, I'd rather
tourism than discussing about languages. If only I had enough money to
do it often...

> I can imagine a
> happy group of Idists wandering through the streets of
> some charming European city, discussing what the word
> for "computer" should be; stopping off at a cafe for a
> cappuccino _al fresco_, or even a beer, while the
> conversation continues..  What a civilised way to
> develop the language.

What if a new word was created the same way words in natlangs are
created? When someone needed a word not found in dictionaries, he
would just coin a brand new word or borrow it from another language he
is familiar with. Then the market decided if that word would be worth
keeping alive, or if another competitor word would replace it.
Everything by usage from the anonymous speakers from the collective
community, not by an a-priori political decision of an official
academy. This is the way non-standard Interlingua (2nd spirit) works,
and it has been quite successful in its evolution.

Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues