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> Je 12.58 ptm 2007.05.22, vi skribis
> >Pierpaolo Bernardi skrev:
> >>
> >>In Italian there's "cilestrino", which is the name of a color.

> >Is this related to a forest or to the skies, heaven?
> Visiting the site quoted by Pierpaolo, I find the definition:
> di colore azzurro pallido, celestino;
> Luckily, I find Italian more or less as easy to read at first sight
> as Interllingua, so I'm able to guess that, yes, it's related to the
> skies, heaven. ("pale blue color", "celestino").

You guessed right.  :)

BTW, the following dictionary  of ancient Italian, considers celestino
and cilestrino
(and other spellings) just variants of the same word:

Modern dictionaries only have celestino (common) and cilestrino (literary).