On 5/26/07, Donald J. HARLOW <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> (*) Actually, all of these put together, according to the figures at
> Ethnologue, produce fewer speakers than Esperanto. Again, I doubt
> that this fact would be any more impressive to the Google people. (If
> you want to look these up, Ethnologue lists Letzeburgish as
> Luxembourgeois, which I suppose is different from Petitbourgeois.)

It would be cool to have gmail in esperanto.

However, apart from the coolness factor, who would benefit from
this?  To put forward a valid request to google, they must supply
the number of people who speak esperanto, but don't speak one
of the languages already provided. Is there any such person?
Maybe 3 or 4. Do any of these use gmail?