Hi Sai,

I'm glad we got that misunderstanding straightened
out, and I'm glad you like my idea.

You might recall that I had a brief exchange with
Sarah about this very topic.  I believe you were
copied in on most of the notes.  (Jim H started it
with a question about his fluency survey.)  The topic
was more general, though -- more along the line of
whether local Esperantists (like me and Hoss) should
consider coming to LCC3.  Sally said yes - and
mentioned Hoss by name.

As a side note, the next time I saw Hoss, I mentioned
the exchange and he had nothing but good things to
say about Sara, although I don't think they have ever
met in person.  There's a good chance you'll see us
both there, although I suspect Hoss will agree that
we see ourselves more as language users than language
creators.  I, personally, will find it fun looking for
the common ground.

As for my proposal, I'd like to wait till more
specific information is available on LCC3 before
submitting it formally.  Even though it's planned to
be held in my town, I should be sure I can go before
I promise to present anything.  :-)

Amike salutas,
Thomas/Tomaso ALEXANDER.
---Anything below this line is not from Thomas ---

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