Well, in classical Latin "actor" originally meant just
someone who did something.

So, this is another example of the kind of dilemma
that faces LsF: Should it just take the words in the
dictionaries of Latin or should it accept words that
are alive in the modern Romance languages and English?
IALA's Interlingua opted for the latter.

--- MacLeod Dave <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> One other thing involves the word actor: actore,
> according to the
> book. My Latin dictionary gave me two words I had
> never seen before:
> comoedo, and histrione. Actor is used in every one
> of the seven
> specified languages...except one - in German it's a
> Schauspieler. So
> shouldn't Latin be used for this word? Or does the
> market decide in
> cases like this?

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