When release 1.0 of TEI P5 finally appears at this year's members 
meeting, it will include a lot of significantly new material.

One chapter in particular -- the one formerly known as names and dates 
-- has been seriously expanded, and now includes a lot of new material 
about ways of encoding data about persons and places other than just 
their names. This material has been worked on by a distinguished bunch 
of experts  (you know you are) under the watchful eye of Matthew 
Driscoll, and is now at a stage where it really could benefit from the 
input of the wider TEI community. You can read the draft at:

(This link will always take you to a version of the draft chapter which 
is reasonably up to date: it is automatically generated from the 
sourceforge repository and should refresh itself within 5 to 10 minutes 
of any change there.  There is also a zip archive, containing sample 
working files (e.g. compiled schemas for testing purposes plus some test 
files at  which I will try to 
keep this up to date as well -- but less reliably, as it has to be done 
by hand)

There are quite a few parts of the draft that still need improvement, 
and all of it needs some serious reality-checking with some real 
examples. To facilitate that, we've set up a separate mailing list: if 
you want to contribute to that, you are very welcome to sign up (just 
send an empty mail to [log in to unmask]).  We 
anticipate (with pleasure) some fairly detailed and technical bickering 
about how exactly to mark up biographical, geographical, and historical 
data  over the next few weeks... so please help!  As we have to finalize 
this chapter by the end of July, this period of public comment will run 
till July 15th.

General comments and questions about this or any of the other parts of 
TEI P5 are also welcome on this list, of course, as ever.