Hello again,

A couple of small questions have come up here at the Spenser Archive that we
have not been able to answer satisfactorily on our own.  In no particular  
order, these are:

1)  How and when should we use <interp>?  Specifically:
1a)  Is <interp>'s usage fixed (i.e., stable) for P5?
1b)  Our project is producing long and short forms of many of the editorial
annotations.  In P5, it seems as if <span> is intended for full annotations
and <interp> for the short forms; is this correct?
1c)  If <interp> now summarizes an annotation, should it be linked to a
<span> or similar structure providing the long form of said annotation,
should the <span> be linked to it, or should both link directly to the
section of text being annotated?

2)  In some editions of the Shepheardes Calender, when certain months
[chapters] begin at the top of the page they use the running head for that
page (e.g., "Januarie.") as the chapter title; when the month begins partway
down a page, the title is printed separately.  Does anyone have a suggestion
as to how we should tag a running head that is doing double duty as an
in-line text element?

I apologize if there is something obvious I'm overlooking; if the answers to
any of the above questions is already online somewhere, simply point me in
the correct direction and I shan't bother you further.

M. Alan Thomas II