this is possibly slightly off-topic message, but I guess that the
answer will be „Use TEI“ so I could ask the question here anyway ;-).

What I am trying to do is to write rewrite a Haggadah used in our
church (yes, Virginia, there are churches celebrating Ceder). And freak
I am, I would like to use XML for this. However, the question is what
DTD/schema I should use. In most of my previous XML encounters (aside
from HTML) I used ThML ( or lately mostly
Docbook. My first impulse was to customize Docbook to do what I need,
but when I was thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that it is
silly -- there is not much (aside from <para> and <emphasize> I guess)
which I could use from Docbook, so I would be effectively writing my
own simple schema on the top of Docbook.

After googling for the proper schema for recording liturgy (or drama,
which seems to be reasonably close to Haggadah) I came to the
conclusion that all those schemas are either very immature (somewhere
on the way between proof-of-concept and alpha) or it is TEI (which
seems like all leads pointed to). However, TEI seems to be serious
overkill for my project. I would expect to use some ten or twenty
elements in the body of text, so my customized Chef Pizza DTD (just
drama base) looks insane to me having 97K or so. And TEI Lite isn't
that much better (312K).

Should I just stick with XHTML, extend it (or misuse class attribute)
and hope that I will find some XSLT stylesheets to RTF (I am afraid my
brethern would die just by looking at raw XML ;-))? Or is there a way
how to make TEI work for me? Are there any examples of
dramas/liturgy/haggadah written in TEI?

Thanks for any reply,

Matěj Cepl

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