Carsten Becker wrote:
> Hi all!
> Now that I have back my internet finally, I have a question
> for you: How would your conlang (or any natlang you know)
> express this sentence -- I am intersted in the sentence
> structure of course, not just the words themselves. Here is
> the sentence:
>  "It took five days longer than it should have taken."

Something along the lines of "It took more time than it should have 
taken by five days" sounds about right.

In this context "took" and "taken" would be translated with the word 
"ġarix" in Minza B (roughly meaning "occupy").

Ġaru žoi xyvi na sa dža ġari snevi ve žagiat ňueža.

ġar-u žoi-Ø xyv-i na sa dža ġar-i snev-i
occupy-PERF time-ABS more-ABS than that which occupy-SUBJ should-ADV

  ve žag-i-at ňuež-a
  to.the.extent.of day-PL-GEN five-GEN

Alternative word orders might include:

Ġaru ve žagiat ňueža žoi xyvi na sa dža ġari snevi.
Ġaru žoi xyvi ve žagiat ňueža na sa dža ġari snevi.