At 04:20 PM 6/13/2007, Huntzinger, Hugh A [AMSRD-AAR-AEW-E (D)] wrote:
>Marv writes:
> >
> > Just returned from another series of dives at
> > Little Cayman and things are looking well for
> > the reef system their as a whole.
>That's reassuring.  BTW, did you hear any comments on on last fall's
>proposal to remove 11 of the moorings in Bloody Bay Marine Park to enforce a
>"rest period"?  The proposal was causing quite a stink for awhile, but
>everything's been quiet for the past few months...

Hi hh:

Resting spots is a good idea but even the worn Bloody Bay sites are 
looking well.  fish life is still far less than anywhere in Florida, 
but the water and grand-canyon like walls were especially gorgeous in 
vis the went past 150', I have photos taken from 100' down that shown 
how clear the water is this trip.

Didn't see the proposal but I was diving with just the DM for 4 days 
so we went for the less dove and difficult sites: 6-8' seas, wind, 
depth low vis in the SE side.  All the mooring balls in the SE site 
have been pulled but one, Splitsville, West of this site all the 
moorings are there per the map.  Splits hadn't been dove recently: 
algae grew in the sand including swim throughs were covered with 
growth and algae;  there was a good amount of live yes, live, 
STAGHORN coral.  A surprised 2-3' blacktip shark met us and stayed 
with us for spell, but kept a distance.  On the next site, 'The Edge' 
we even ran into a seahorse, the 1st I've seen in Cayman in 8 years 
diving here.

I was able to reconnoitering the shallows and found several heads of 
living elkhorn coral that were 'dead' looking just 2 years 
ago.  Diadema in abundance; Nassau grouper everywhere.  But other 
species are less represented versus florida, such as yellow tail 
grunts are sparse, but lots of Chub, and very very many chromis [ 
signature of this reef].  I also ran into coral spawning just after 
the full moon.

Google's satellite photo on Google Earth is very clear for bloody 
bay, compared to Brac or the rest of Little.  Its well worth a look, 
you can see the Aggressor and I can easily ID many sites from the 
photo, on appearance alone.

Many NE mooring sites past Cascades are gone, but could see past 1 mi 
if more sites did exist.  Otherwise, I don't think tourists will miss 
what they removed because the main park mooring spots are all there 
and frequently changed; most lines I saw were brand new.  Also gone 
are mooring balls for North West sites past Fish Eye Fantasy, the 
only one kept was a shallow one nearest the Dock, I forget its name.

> > OTAH, just heard there is now a sunken 'artwork'
> > series being dropped in the Brac to make for an
> > Atlantis like atmosphere, as another
> > attraction to add to the Tibbetts.  Hmmm?
>The "Lost City of Atlantis" stuff is a bunch of concrete structures that has
>been underway for the past ~3 years by "Foots", a former American Go-Go bar
>owner who is now a venerated-by-some "Local Artist".  He got Status in the
>political give-away from a few years ago, so some locals resent that they
>can't kick him off the island.
>Atlantis consists of several thousand pounds of concrete (wonder who paid
>for that?) and has caught some flak from some of the local Baptists as being
>heathen/pagan/whatever.  One of the gimmics seems to be to make face-molds
>of various VIPs, which kind of sounds like a form of patronage and/or
>political friend-making.
>I've not yet been to the site, but my understanding is that it is located
>just to the  west of Radar Reef (IMO hopefully not as far west as Duppy

Those are nice details hh!  Sounds pretty fishy to me ;)