Marv writes:
> Resting spots is a good idea but even the worn Bloody Bay
> sites are looking well.  fish life is still far less than
> anywhere in Florida, but the water and grand-canyon like
> walls were especially gorgeous in vis the went past 150',
> I have photos taken from 100' down that shown 
> how clear the water is this trip.

Sounds like you hit a period where the reef was clean and the waters clear.
I've not seen water clarity at BB that has "impressed" me since before Ivan.

> Didn't see the proposal but I was diving with just the DM for 4 days 
> so we went for the less dove and difficult sites: 6-8' seas, wind, 
> depth low vis in the SE side.  All the mooring balls in the SE site 
> have been pulled but one, Splitsville, West of this site all the 
> moorings are there per the map.  Splits hadn't been dove recently...

I've not done anything in the SE, east of the Soto Trader, in probably a
decade.  Of course, the ops virtually never take tourists out to places with
6-8ft seas running.  

> there was a good amount of live yes, live, STAGHORN coral. 

There's some spots on the southside of the Brac that have live Staghorn
coming back too.  They had been really small patches until just a couple of
years ago, when it seemed like they finally kicked into gear. 

> I was able to reconnoitering the shallows and found several
> heads of living elkhorn coral that were 'dead' looking just
> 2 years ago. 

Grundy's Gardens (SW of LC) had had a nice spread; so too a couple of spots
on the Brac's southside.  Oddly, I thought it looked worse last year than
the year before.

> Diadema in abundance...

Good to hear; I think that sea urchins still need to recover more from their
1980s plague for the reefs to have a good chance at getting algae-free.

> I also ran into coral spawning just after the full moon.

In May/June?  Spawing is supposed to be Aug/Sept ... I'd look at getting at
report of that to the appropriate marine biologists.

> Google's satellite photo on Google Earth is very clear for bloody 
> bay, compared to Brac or the rest of Little.  Its well worth a look, 
> you can see the Aggressor and I can easily ID many sites from the 
> photo, on appearance alone.

I just happened to look at it last night - - you can see the miniwall
boundary between Mixing Bowl & Jackson's quite clearly.  

> Many NE mooring sites past Cascades are gone, but could see past 1 mi 
> if more sites did exist.  Otherwise, I don't think tourists will miss 
> what they removed because the main park mooring spots are all there 
> and frequently changed; most lines I saw were brand new.  

All of the sites proposed for removal (resting) were between Cascades and
Joy's Joy.

Here's the list, west to east:

Paul's Anchor 
Magic Roundabout (aka Nancy's Cup of Tea) 
The Meadows 
Eagle Ray Roundup 
Jackson's Reef and Wall 
Buss Stop (aka Bus Top; Bus Stop) 
Marilyn's Cut (aka Hole In The Wall) 
Randy's Gazebo (aka The Chimneys) 
Great Wall West 
Lea Lea's Lookout 
Barracuda Bite 

News Articles:

> > The "Lost City of Atlantis" stuff...
> Sounds pretty fishy to me ;)

What I find interesting about the whole situation is the finances:  it seems
that no one seems know (or be saying) where the money is coming from to do
this work.  

As you're no doubt aware, concrete is downright expensive in the Caymans and
this project is literally using tons and tons of the stuff:  just the
Sundial is supposedly 2600lbs, plus a 5800lb base: there's a quick 4 tons of
concrete right there, plus all of the expenses to float it out to the site,

The whole structure is also considered by some of the local religious
conservatives to be 'Pagan', so suffice to say that the project ... and the
individuals involved ... are polarizing.

And that's even before you get into the politics of how a bunch of
'outsiders' were granted Status from the prior political administration (now
voted out), and even though these grantings have since been found to have
been illegal, the awards haven't been revoked.  As such, there's a large
number of what many Caymanians consider to be 'undesirables' that of course
now can't be kicked off of the islands because they don't need work permits
to get a job.  

At least that's what I've "...heard while listening to the coconuts along
Marl Road" :-)