From: Jeff Rollin <[log in to unmask]>

> I just tried to ask someone whether his flask lasts for two days when he stays 
> out fishing overnight. It kept wanting to come out as "Do your flast lask?"

A spooneresquism which I haven't lived down in family lore even though I said it when I was, like, *six* is "bead ferder" for  "bird feeder". This apparently sent our at-the-time neighbor into fits of hysterical laughter, which increasingly frustrated me as I kept repeating it: "Why is he laughing at my bead ferder?!  :(", which increased the laughter, usw. So entrenched has it become through numerous retellings ad nauseum that if I don't watch it, it can still come out that way.

Another one I have to watch for is the past tense of "drive". If I'm not careful, it has been known to come out as "droove". Less hilarity-provoking, but recurrent nonetheless.