Hi list

I'm working on a language game for the list. Whilst you're waiting, you might 
like to glance at the phonology  of Velian:

In what follows I use CXS; bon appetit!

Stops: /p, t, k, c, q, ?/

Aspirated stops: /p_h, t_h, k_h, c_h, q_h/

Palatalised stops: /p_j, t_j, k_j, q_j/

Labialised stops: /p_w, t_w, k_w, c_w, q_w/

Prenasalised stops: /m_b ~ m_p, n_d ~ n_t, N_g ~ N_k, J_J\ ~ J_c, N\_G\ ~ 

Pn pal. stops: m_b_j ~ m_p_j, n_d_j ~ n_t_j, N_g_j ~ N_k_j, N\_G\_j ~ N\_q_j/

Pn  lab. stops: /m_b_w ~ m_p_w, n_d_w ~ n_t_w, N_g_w ~ N_k_w, J_J\_w ~ J_c_w/

Nasals: /m, n, J, N/

Pal. nasals: /m_j, n_j, N_j/

Lab. nasals: /m_w, _n_w, N_w

Trill: /r/

Pal. trill: /r_j/

Lab. trill: /r_w/

Tap: /4/

Pal. tap: /4_j/

Lab. tap: /4_w/

Fricatives: /s, S, h ~ x/

Pal. fric.: /s_j, S_j/

Lab. fric.: /s_w, S_w/

Pn fric.: /n_s, n_S/

Pn pal. fric.: /n_s_j ~ n_z_j, n_S_j ~ n_Z_j/

Pn. lab. fric.: /n_s_w ~ n_z_w, n_S_w ~ n_Z_w/

Approximants: /v\, T ~ D/

Pal. approx.: /v\_j/

Lab. approx.: /T_w ~ D_w/

Pn. approx: /n_v\, n_T ~ n_D/

Pn. pal. approx: /n_v\_j, n_T_j ~ n_D_j/

Pn. lab. approx: /n_T_j ~ n_D_j/

Lateral approx: /l, L/

Pal. lat. approx: /l_j/

Lab. lat. approx:  /l_w/

Coarticulated bilabial approx: /W/

"Please understand that there are small        
European principalities devoted to debating   
Tcl vs. Perl as a tourist attraction."

                            -- Cameron Laird