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> See, I've never gotten attached to a lang because I've never really
> been *happy* with any of my langs.  I have an idea, I flesh it out, I
> decide the result is boring or ugly or, usually,  both, I get
> discouraged and stop conlanging for a couple years, I get a new idea,
> and the cycle repeats....

Some time ago I was at my grandma's garden (how bucolic ; ) ) and saw an
'avenca' /a.'veN.ka/ ( there. That
word suddenly sounded so (so!) right I thought about creating a language
just for harmonizing with it. Maybe it's a way to go...  pick a word and
start from it, not even a 'inspirational language'... just squeeze a word ;

The only thing my conlanging has produced that I'm remotely fond of is
> my script for Okaikiar.  But that's tied to a phonology I find too
> restrictive (having only 7 consonants) and a language I don't even
> like the name of...

I chased for your script... just found bits of it on Do you
have any sample of it somewhere (to show : ) )? Funny that my yet only
script is geometric also... my problem is that I have many more phonemes
than letters, but, diacritics are for that! Anyway... how likely is to have
a script created to write on stone with diacritics? I think not much...

I'm not depressed or anything, btw. :) Just explaining why I haven't
> developed any of my langs very far, or really posted anything actually
> about conlanging in a while.

Surely anyone but me will remember ; ) a conlang created without revision,
just addition. I seems so right! If the phonology is not right, just cook a
descendant from it. If the problem is on syntax... well... every kind of
grass I saw growing in syntax, there is no problem sowing or reaping some.
But... as for me I came in despair with relative clauses a while ago... now
I'm at the phonology again ; )). Two years... alas.


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