See, I've never gotten attached to a lang because I've never really
been *happy* with any of my langs.  I have an idea, I flesh it out, I
decide the result is boring or ugly or, usually,  both, I get
discouraged and stop conlanging for a couple years, I get a new idea,
and the cycle repeats....

The only thing my conlanging has produced that I'm remotely fond of is
my script for Okaikiar.  But that's tied to a phonology I find too
restrictive (having only 7 consonants) and a language I don't even
like the name of...

I'm not depressed or anything, btw. :) Just explaining why I haven't
developed any of my langs very far, or really posted anything actually
about conlanging in a while.

On 7/3/07, Edgard Bikelis <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> On 7/2/07, David J. Peterson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >
> > Edgard wrote:
> > <<
> > BTW, for not letting this message to be totally off-topic: My conlang,
> > Ausónya Bháma, is my linguistic credo, and I shape it as the easiest way
> > (for me) to think about something. It will be very hard for me
> > creating any
> > other language, as this one already got all my effort. In this
> > respect is
> > easier for me to understand Sally Caves' fidelity than those creating
> > dozens
> > of new languages. Once I decided that gold, for instance, is "ausóm",
> > it is
> > _really_ 'ausóm', and I am even more sure about that than I was in my
> > old
> > days of naive monolingualism. Weird, hm? ; )
> > >>
> >
> > I think it really has to do with one's...not attention span, but
> > level of satisfaction.  My first language kind of coincided with
> > the start of my study of linguistics, and my knowledge expanded
> > by leaps and bounds each month.  Every time I learned something
> > new, I wanted to try it, and it required a new forum, not an old
> > language.  The old one was no longer enough to satiate my
> > conlinguistic appetite.
> Were I to guide someone... it's better to improve something than creating
> from scratch. But as a friend of mine rightfully says... "sometimes we spend
> too much time polishing what should be corrected by a really big hammer" ;
> ).
> Also, part of it is that, for me, at least, there was a huge break
> > when I realized that my first language wasn't good.  Huge.  It
> > reminds me of the time when I learned that all of my favorite
> > male singers were actually singing an octave higher than me
> > when I was singing along with them (this was when I was twelve,
> > I think).  I realized it, and then tried to sing at their octave, and
> > couldn't, and suddenly my world changed.  Same thing happened
> > with my first language.  I forget what it was, but something
> > made me realize that everything I'd done with my language
> > was tantamount to a fancy relex of English.  Not the morphology,
> > or the phonology, or anything, but the *semantics*.  I had words
> > for "dog" and "canine" (separate words), there was a single word
> > for "fortify", and its verbal noun was "fortification", with the
> > same exact meaning as it has in English (a fortified building--not
> > simply the act of fortifying something).  That was when I realized
> > I had to start ALL over, and totally rethink the way I looked
> > at language.  Since then, it's been hard for me to be a one
> > language man.
> I quite see the point, that was a hammer case ; ). But don't you feel
> attached to the words you create? I guess not... maybe I care too much about
> my words... I'm trying to develop a new language from the one I already
> have, and it's so difficult to find something to do that will not cripple
> the meaning. I know a word is just a word, as good as any other... well...
> but it needs not to be the case with our conlang : )
> Edgar:
> > <<
> > Anyway, nice text!
> > >>
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Oh, since this is on topic, I know it's been a year, but in case
> > there are some new faces, you should check out Sally's speech
> > at the first Language Creation Conference.  It's viewable on
> > Google Video:
> I saw the video, really liked it! What do you mean by "in case there are
> some new faces"... you mean, on this list... as... me? : )
> > docid=-3117774526155284922&q=language+creation+conference
> >
> > And a shameless plug: LCC2 is less than a week away!  If you're
> > in the Bay Area, stop by!  It will be well worth your while:
> Ah, subjunctive is my predilect mood. I live in Brazil... not thaaat close :
> ). But I'm happy my English can pass as native... even if I'm not sure it's
> really the case, anyway.
> >
> > -David
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> Edgard.

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