On Wed, 2007-07-04, Jeff Rollin wrote:
>> “Hæ Ástis ínar lásteþe!”
>Can we get a translation of that?


This phrase is written in Classical Ályis [1] and is the common greeting of
the ídharam, one of the peoples of my conworld, Nálthea. [2]

Hæ Ástis ínar l-áste-þe!
VOLITIVE The_Light always
“May the Light shine upon you!”

The standard “native” pronunciation is something like [ɦɐ̆e 'astis 'inaɾ
'lasteθe]. For the Unicode-impaired, I guess that’s [h\6_Xe "astis "in@4
"lasteTe], but I’m not that familiar with X-SAMPA to tell for sure. Plosives
are not aspirated.

The volitive mark “hæ” is actually simply the imperative used with the third

(Please forgive me for my utter ignorance of any glossing standards
whatsoever, as all my limited linguistic knowledge is self-taught and I
don't have as much time for this as I wish I had. >Sigh<)

For more info:


As I said, I wish I had more time to update the wiki… so much to fix, so
much still to be created!

- Abel Chiaro.

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