taliesin the storyteller skrev:

 >> "Γr" against "Rʀ" and "Hʜ" is tempting... я as a
 >> rhotic is just plain wrong. Sorry for that.
 > Ah, but it sure *looks* raspy, and stands out.

Nope. If it stands for any single sound it is [&]. The use
of я for {r} is a 'feature' -- or f**kture as one 'net
friend calls such thing -- of ignoramuses' faux Cyrillics,
when something should look like Cyrillic but be 'readable'
to those who know no Cyrillics, as when they wrote the
Bulgarian Krum's name Кгцм {kgcm} (IIRC) in the Harry Potter
movie. Painful!

 >> If and only if you use š and/or ž ř may be a good
 >> choice.
 > I use {š} for /S/ and {ž} for /Z/.

If so my vote definitely is for ř, considering its good
font support.

BTW, do you use þ already?