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> > >P.S.: For those that didn't hear (and if you were at the LCC, or
> > >watched it online, you probably did), my longtime girlfriend and
> > >I got engaged a week ago today.  Yay!

> > I'm afraid none of my languages have a way of saying congratulations yet!

> > Jeff

> But mine does!

> Yen tapem yaras yastas wavunzyudos ye'obok. (I congratulate you on your 
> coming wedding.)

As does mine:

Sí la skomaz chí çelhailsít zçötshaungöbéf!

/si la "skomaz tSi CEl"haIlsit "j\9t-SON9%bef/  X-SAMPA
I/nom. aux./pres. you/dual-dat. the engagement/acc. congratulate/hortative

May I congratulate you two on your engagement!