Den 9. jul. 2007 kl. 15.37 skrev Mark J. Reed:
> I love the sound of the name Zaragoza [Ta4a'GoTa] myself.  I can  
> just repeat it over and over...

Funny loves people have. What about the American Hispanics. What do  
they make of the z?

> Still, <z> for /T/ is at least weirder than Lars's other example of  
> German.
> My Deutsch is rusty, but doesn't <z> represent /ts/?   That seems  
> pretty normal to me.

Well, the normal is /z/. Italians do it like the Germans, but have a  
voiced variant too. Another weird use is in some Scottish names, like  
Menzies, Dalziel, MacKenzie, where it replaces the former yogh.