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> >My favorites (and I have to watch myself in proper discourse) are:
> >Hoobert Heever (Pres. of the US just before FDR) and "one swell foop" -
> >- leftovers from schooldays.
> If you've attended a religious service which includes readings from a
> Sacred Scripture, you have probably heard some humorous instances.
> Genesis 15:17 tells of a flaming brazier (New American Bible
> translation).  I once heard "a flaming brassiere."
> Luke 16:26, in the story of the rich man and Lazarus tells of a great
> abyss.  I have heard "a great abbess."
> Both of these mispronunciations bring interesting pictures to mind!
> Charlie

You'd think God would tell them (and Bush) how to pronounce stuff properly.

Totally nukular.

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