At the moment, Alex's language doesn't have a name, so he's
been giving it a place-holder name, which is the day he came
up with that.  That's why I put it in quotes.  If he comes up with
a name, I'll replace "June 25" with it.

Also, thanks everyone for the congratulations!  Everything's
going well so far.


On Jul 14, 2007, at 3:02 AM, And Rosta wrote:

> Is Alex Fink's language, which he reads with such impressive  
> fluency in the recording associated with his relay text, really  
> called "June 25"?
> --And.
> David Peterson, On 13/07/2007 02:43:
>> The relay we ran during the LCC2 relay is up and ready to view:
>> It went very well, and we're looking forward to doing it again for
>> future LCC's.
>> -David
>> P.S.: For those that didn't hear (and if you were at the LCC, or
>> watched it online, you probably did), my longtime girlfriend and
>> I got engaged a week ago today.  Yay!