As far as the *sound* itself goes, I think the vowel and stop inventory issues 
are just sidetracks; but IMHO a simple improovment might be a chain shift of z 
> r, r > w:

/ urä ri dinkmaukuud ou
limrau don nudiu
maukiau don maid
mriau don ed
mairim wäm dinkmaukuud
lokänd mlou rön ryukom ri wouk (or maybe /ryykom/?)
ur lymkiaud ri dolk
wäm rö lymkaud ri dolkwar
ur kondriauk rim lolr rik
lwo mkun rim lolr
riin dän ömkwar maukiaud
ur kndaud
ur kökald
wuruud /

Looks much better now to my eyes!
(Altered transcription used for my own convenience only.)

How this could be reconciled with "Zan" requires a bit of work, however. Simply 
extending the chain with s > z will not work because of "Tysor" - but since you 
mentioned something about plosiv voicing allophony, maybe you could do the 
same here and have /s/ = [z] word-initially or before a stressed vowel?

John Vertical