Geoff Horswood writes:
> It started out as such a great evil conlang idea, but
> it's so difficut to write anything in Karnuugaan that
> I'm really tempted to give up.

There are only very few texts in Qþyn|gài for the same reason.  Also,
the structure seems similar (roots + affixes).

Did you have a look at Inuit-Aleut languages?  When I studied
West-Greenlandic (Kalaallisut), I found it wasn't too different.  I am
not sure what your word formation rules allow, but if you have
problems with nuances, it might help to simply lexicalise certain
root+modifier sequences with a specialised meaning.

> I'm trying to do away with regular semantic classes.
> Karnuugaan doesn't have nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.
> It has Roots and Modifiers.

Very similar to Qþyn|gài: