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> The relay we ran during the LCC2 relay is up and ready to view:

Somehow I didn't notice it during the live unveiling, but I just
figured out where the "I remember" or "if we remember to"
element in the later versions came from.  Kelly's Tlharithad
marks evidentiality throughout; my gzb marks it optionally.
I left out most of the evidentiality marking in my translation,
but kept it in one place:

{*vǒm, gâ-mruň-ŋô ðu-gju-bô ŋĭn-i Ḱ hyw-pôm.}.
"Yes, I know from experience that I'm a talking stone."

where "hyw-pôm" is an evidentiality adverb; "hyw" can
mean "memory" or "experience".  The stone is being
sarcastic here.  More idiomatically it might be
"Yes, I was a talking stone last time I checked!"

Jeffrey rendered it as:

"He, rusekor xoltor kalbax, haitki!"
"Yes, rocks can talk, as I recall!"

Which could also be easily read as sarcastic.

And then somehow (not sure yet) it became conditional
in later rounds... "we can talk if we remember how" and

Jim Henry