or something like that.  I'm reëntering the conlang fray.

Target: Okaikiar
Mission: Beautify.

Okaikiar, as she is right now, I find aesthetically displeasing.  It's all
in the eye and ear of the beholder, of course, but I just don't like the
phonology.  As an example, here's the paternoster:

Uza zi dinkmarkurd or                 'uz& zi dink'mar\kUr\d Or\
Limzar don nudir                        'limza\r don nu'dir\
Markiar don maid                       mar\'kiar\ don ma'id
M'ziar don ed                             m@'ziar don Ed
Maizim ram dinkmarkurd             ma'jizim r&m diNk'mar\kur\d
Lokand m'lor zøn zyrkom zi rork  'lok&nd m@'lOr\ z2n 'zyr\kom zi rOr\k
Uz lymkiard zi dolk                     uz lym'kiar\d zi dolk
Ram zø lymkard zi dolkraz.         r\&m z2 'lymkar\d zi 'dolkr\&z
Uz kondziark zim lolz zik             uz kond'ziar\k zim lolz zik
L'ro m'kun zim lolz                       l@'ro m@'kun zim lolz
Ziin dan ømkraz markiard             zi'in d&n '2mkr&z mar\'kiar\d
Uz k'ndard                                   uz k@n'dar\d
Uz køkald                                   uz 'k2kald
Ruzurd.                                       'r\uzur\d

So I'm revisiting the phonology in an attempt to get a new one that is still
consistent with the established proper names and that still works with the
script.  Suggestions welcome.  Do you all find the above as
unsightly/harsh/hard on the ears as I do?   If so, what do you think would
improve it?

Known proper names: Dankar ['d&Nka`r\], Zan [z&n], Tysor ['tajsO`r\], Ral
[r&l], M'kei [m@'kej].
Vowels: & aj a`r\ ej o`r\
Consonants: d k l m n N r\ s t z

Since we have both [d] and [t], chances are that since we have [k], we also
have [g].   The existence of [m] makes the existence of other bilabials
probable but not necessary.   I find it quite probable that the [N] is an
allophone of /n/ occurring before velars.

The script as-is supports only 8 syllable onsets and 8 nuclei, but up to 64
codas, and it can be readily extended to support as many onsets as codas.

Mark J. Reed <[log in to unmask]>