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> Hopefully LCC3's being (tentatively) in Rochester
> will bring a new crowd, since I realize many East
> Coast conlangers have had to miss out on the LCC
> due to its unabashed West Coast-ed-ness, so
> hopefully we can fix that with an East Coast locale.

That's closer to Europe as well, but I still won't be able
to afford a flight to the US and back. One day, though, ...
;-) You guys make me really curious to see the/an LCC myself
with your talking about it having been such a great
experience ;-) Sai already suggested to listen via the
stream, but California is -9 hrs here. Not quite as bad as
New Zealand which is +11 hrs for me, but bad enough so as to
not be able to listen to the stream, except you want to stay
awake during the night.

Kind regards

"Besonvenyonangang ayena nudeng inunsegasyéna."
 -- Segakáryo Litayarim

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 11:06:32 pm