I haven't progressed much with Azurian lately. I am still struggling  
with the phonology and sound laws. The trouble is that I don't have  
much evidence to go by, since most of the names I have is stolen from  
Norwegian phonebooks or similar, with an emphasis on the western  
ones. But I do have some place names. And some of them give a clue or  

For example, Sauga seems to imply that final /D/ is retained, unlike  
most of mainland Norway, and subject to change, at least when  
followed by a vowel morpheme. Hmm, if /D/ turns to /g/, if that's  
what the g stands for, what then happens to the original /g/?

Another interesting example is Ostedal, which I believe is from ON  
Austrdalr. Urianian also has /au/ -> /o/, so this is strongly  
indicative of a substrate effect.

River names tend to end in -a, which I reckon may be from ON . But  
lake names also do have this tendency. This could be from Middle  
Urianian -ap. Possibly this indicates that the Azurians will drop  
final /p/ as well as changing final /D/ to /g/.

At least this is something to go by. But can I create a whole  
language from it?