caeruleancentaur writes:
> >Henrik Theiling <theiling@...> wrote:
> >I used for several versions and they do not agree
> >about the order.  The Greek there has: 'En archee een ho logos kai ho
> >logos een pros ton theon kai theos een ho logos' (same at
> >
> In message #147735 concerning death and the last enemy, Ray explains
> that the noun with the definite article is the subject.  Therefore, in
> the last phrase quoted above, ho logos would be the subject and the
> translation would be "the Word was God."  This would support my
> previous theological statement.

Aha, I see.  What about the Latin translation?

> Of course, if there is no definite article, then a translation is up
> for grabs.

Well, in Terkunan, the subject is generally before the verb.  It is
quite a strict SVO lang.