2007/8/8, Henrik Theiling <[log in to unmask]>:


> A short overview of the proposed solutions, with other words not
> ending in -l for comparison:
>     sg.     before    assim.    l>i      epenth.
>     il      ilz       iz        iz       ilez (irr. 'iz'?) 'they'
>     kel     kelz      kez       keiz     kelez             'heavens'
>     arbul   arbulz    arbuz     arbuiz   arbulez           'trees'
>     sol     solz      soz       soiz     solez             'suns'
>     devat   devatz    devatz    devatz   devatz            'debts'
>     mar     marz      ?         marz     marz              'oceans'
>     vent    ventz     ventz     ventz    ventz             'winds'
>     ort     ortz      ortz      ortz     ortz              'kitchen gardens'
> What do you think of these?
> Very good ideas so far.  I need more thinking.  And I am surprised how
> many things I did *not* think of before...
> **Henrik

How about try having the -is ending for the most common nouns and
pronouns, and a more regular -es/-ez ending for the longer words and
rarer nouns?