On 8/13/07, Mia Soderquist <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Dirk Elzinga wrote:
>   > It is an interesting project. But it's like watching somebody build a
> > rocket for a Mars trip in their backyard. You admire their industry
> > and even their expertise, but you know it's not going anywhere.
> >
> Hmmm... I suppose for the people around me, what I am doing with my
> artlangs must be a little bit like watching someone build a habitat for
> living on Mars in their backyard. It's interesting and it might even
> useful if it weren't on the wrong planet entirely.

I've been tinkering with a new language that I eventually want to use
for private journal writing, etc. I suppose that's like being the boy
in the bubble, linguistically speaking ...

> I think Shemspreg looks better than Europaio.

Thank you!

They've got themselves an
> orthographically hideous auxlang, aesthetically speaking. But that's
> entirely subjective. Maybe it sounds better than it looks. Maybe my
> tastes just run in a different direction.

Well, I intended Shemspreg to be pretty simple to pronounce and ASCII
compatible. I can't say much for the *sound* of Shemspreg, though;
it's just what came out, given the ground rules I established for it.
I admire the bristly look of Dnghu, but it doesn't *look* right for an
IAL--too many thingies on top of the letters (from my Anglo-centric
ASCII-oriented world-view, that is).

> Mia.