On 8/6/07, R A Brown <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Thinks: how many different values are or have been given to |c| in
> natlangs? I can think of /g/, /k/, /tS/, /ts/, /s/, /dZ/, /c/ and /|/
> (dental click).

IIRC, it's /D/ in Fijian.

Who has /g/ for |c|?

> (I'm not including |ch| which would add a whole lot more  :)

Are there that many? I can only think of /k/, /S/, /tS/, /x/ ([X],
[C]). I imagine it could be used for /ts_h/ _vel sim_ but am not sure
whether that's a digraph, then, or simply a combination of |c| + |h|
(depends on the phonotactics (phonology?) of the language in question,
I suppose).

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