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> Hi!
> Andreas Johansson writes:
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> >
> > > As I mentioned some time ago, I'm working, if fitfully, on pielang
> (working
> > > name: Wa). The sound-changes I've instituted, this far at least, are not
> very
> > > radical, but sometimes they conspire to make closely related forms
> diverge
> > > wildly. The case inspiring this post is this: PIE *kerd "heart" quite
> > > regularly
> > > yields Wa /Sard/, and the PIE genitive *krdos equally regularly yields Wa
> > > /karado/.
> >
> > I just saw that Beekes gives the PIE nom. as *ke:rd (with long vowel),
> which
> > would yield Wa /Serd/, making /karado/ look even more anomalous.
> Very interesting forms. :-)

Thank you. I'll add some more forms at the end of this mail for your
delectation. :)

> Given the right sound shifts (i.e., some with a well-defined time
> frame and ordering), you could also regularise the stem at some point
> in time and still get an irregular form, say /Sarado/, e.g. because
> the stem /k/ regularise to /S/ at some point, but then, the shifts
> went on.

I'm using VSCA to derive the Wa forms, so my sound-changes are by necessity
well-ordered. /Serd/~/Sarado/ seems a more reasonable level of obnoxion, so I
shall very probably decide on something much like it.

I have not entirely decided on the case inventory of the language, but it will
probably be nominative, vocative (sg only), accusative, genitive, and
ablative-instrumental. Let's look at what I presently have for "father"
(*pHte:r) and "wolf" (*wlkwos):

:            sg          pl
nom          pater       patara
voc          patar       -
acc          patara      patara
gen          patro       patrom
abl-ins      patre       patarabi

:            sg          pl
nom          valapo      valapuo
voc          valapa      -
acc          valapom     valapons
gen          valapo      valapom
abl-ins      valapuod    valapie