To: Alfred Michaux
From: L. L. Zamenhof
Date: July 29, 1907

Dear Sir!

I could not immediately answer your letter of July 21, because I was 
awaiting a reply from the "Trio" about the plan of my travels. 
Unfortunately that reply has still not arrived, and I don't want to 
wait any longer, in order not to be late.

It would be inconvenient for me to travel through Dieppe, because I 
cannot stay on the sea for a long time; for that reason I remain at 
my previous intention to travel via *Boulogne-Folkestone*. Of course 
I can be in Boulogne for only a very short time, and completely 
PRIVATELY. Because time is very dear for me, for that reason I (with 
my wife) would stay in Boulogne no more than one or two days. I would 
fulfill my promise given to you, to M. Sergent and to M. Duchochois; 
but I don't know how to arrange that in order to to cause any of you 
any trouble (especially *you* I fear to trouble, because I see that 
you will be having an important trial around that time). So I ask 
that you yourself decide how I should arrange my stay in Boulogne. 
Because M. Finez wrote me that we will have to stay in Folkestone for 
one night, and you doubtless know well the travel plan, for that 
reason I ask you to kindly let me know exactly in what day and hour 
we must come to Boulogne and in what day and hour we will have to 
leave. Because time is already short, I ask you, please answer me as 
soon as possible.

Hoping to soon have the pleasure of seeing you and your respected 
family, I remain

with heartfelt greetings ...

P.S. I will not be traveling through Paris, but I will choose the 
shortest route from Warsaw straight to Boulogne.

[Comment by G. Waringhien: The "Trio por la Tria" was the three 
members of the Local Committee for the organization of the 3rd {World 
Esperanto} Congress.]

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