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> Now, if I relex Loglan this way, the only additional word I
> need is a separator particle to
> keep morphs from compounding.  A good one would be 'yey'.

I'm more inclined to maybe make these particles something short, like
a single vowel.  I like <i> for some reason, but anything would work.
Albanian has a particle, inflected for gender, like that for marking
adjectives, but the word order is NOUN-ADJ.  So "black bird" would be
phrased something like we do in english saying "bird of black".

> Ley blak yey fogel - the black bird
> Ley blakfogel - the blackbird

If this is a loglan, using some type of predicate logic, then you may
want to rethink the word order too. Something more like, though in
this case it may just be better have a particle to combine rather than
separate because "fogel blak" would mean "blak" is really more of a
stative verb.

	ley fogel yey blak
	ley fogel blak

On the other hand, maybe ordering alone could do the trick.

	ley blakfogel	= the blackbird
	ley fogel blak	= the black bird

And if you insert a schwa like the <y> other loglans (yes, this is
where I got the idea for the epenthetic X in Sasxsek), it could sort
of act as your combining morpheme too.

	ley blakxfogel	= the blackbird
	ley fogel blak	= the black bird