I think I've come up with a solution that will please everyone.

Since I now own and I think they can be very useful. Especially 
since auxlangers aren't using and taking the free opportunity to use these sites for promotion 
of IAL's.

So, I think it would be a great thing to go back into the auxlang archives and pick out the 
posts where I first began mentioning I had found Occ materials, and then post the negative 
comments by auxlangers against Occ that began the march to my doing the irony post  about 
burning Occ materials to show how the auxlangers of the time didn't care, and wanted to get 
rid of Occidental fast. And, how they try now to divert the fact that they didn't care from 
themselves to criticizing me for showing them what they are really made of -- I think the world 
should see this whole episode from beginning to end in context with the actual posts. Then, 
we'll see.

Then, I think it would be good to post from the archives the announcements I made about 
progress with Occidental, from TV to public media publication, and then post Jay's negative 
destructive posts trying to make everything I did a lie and not worth anything since he couldn't 
do it himself.

And, show how he started responding to me when I refused to give him Occidental materials 
early on after I found them.

Plus, beside his negative comments calling me a liar, post the pictures of the, for instance, 
article in the Arizona publication, and the editor's letter announcing the new presentation of 
Occidental articles in the publication.

Since certain "friend" on this list who know better, but just so happened to think nothing about 
it, when Jay called me a liar when they had the publication in hand, then this would be a very 
good way to show everybody the truth of the situation.

Then, instead of bothering the auxlang list, I can present the whole thing as it actually 
occurred to the public at large. Might as well use his tactics, and Ilaists tactics, and Espist 
tactics, only with this switch: present the truth of the matter for all to see, instead of letting 
these folks try to turn the facts into a lie to keep others from becoming interested in Occ.

Anybody got a good reason why I shouldn't present this info on and