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> Someone, who claims to read English cannot understand [...]

You see Bob, it's this type of language that
makes me disgusted with your whole attitude
and your way of treating people, when this
happens it makes me want to give it right
back and you don't seem to take it well.

> The auxlang list has no interest.

Hello? Anyone else interested in Occi?
I know Kjell and others are raising their
hands, Bob, can you see them?

> The questioner ...

And that would be me?

> has said things about Occ which was
> not true, but will never admit it, even when confronted.

Such as for instance?

> Remember he
> claimed to learn english as a foreign language, or something to that intent.

With intent to what? I was born in Spain.
My ethnic stock is 50% Spanish and
50% Portuguese. I was wearing a green
star when I was a kid, long before I learned
to hold a conversation in English. My French
is probably better than my Occidental Interlingue.
So what's wrong with that? Care to explain?

> What I wrote was,
> if everyone here will drop the use of english, then I will write all in Occ.

Like that's likely to happen anytime soon, I mean
the writing of you all in Occi...

 > Jay's desperate hope in life is to have me make a mistake in
Occidental so he can claim he
> is superior, which he has already done in the past on this list.

Nope. Wrong. You are the super-dude in my book!

> However, when I showed him
> his own errors in Occidental neither he admitted it, nor did this list agree with me.

Hmmm... doesn't this make a "mentiard de Bob" once more?

> They stick
> with Jay because they are of the same mind set he has. No one here, except a possible
> handfull wants Occidental to succeed.

I really haven't seen tons of support shown on
this list towards me Bob. I think you are deluding
your own mind.

> Jay's silly claims about Occ and me are only attempts to bait me.

Such as how? If you confuse me with a Russian
auxlanger (who is actually a nice guy from what
exchanges I had with him on the Occi list in
Yahoo!Groups) then you are the one baiting
yourself. You believe your own lies.

> This is why he won't take
> my name and picture off his site. [...] He can't control
> the info I have on Occidental. And, he began to attack my efforts after I refused giving him
> Occ material.

Look man, I don't want your Occi material, keep it,
skip it, give it to someone else, or hoard it, but
don't burn it. That's the one thing that would
definitely show everyone how cuckoo you
really would appear to be.

> He would be happy as a lark, and very friendly to me if he had the material, not me.

I said keep it. But... Why wouldn't you be happy making
the information public so people interested in Occidental
Interlingue can find out about it? Your hoarding the info
shows you to be a person who is after "control", when
you defame another you're using words that reflect your
own internal struggle. Underneath it all you don't like
yourself that much and you castigate others for it.

> Jay cannot write good Occidental, and even made mistakes in the post listed below.

Yup, probably so. I make typos and use wrong words
all the time. No harm done if on an email list people
still understand despite typos.

> Yet, if I
> had made the same error, he would jump for joy and yell all the way to the auixlang list that
> Bob didn't know Occ.

Again you're supposing and assuming what I would
do in a certain circumstance. But as a matter of fact
if you make an error in Occi, at least I'd applaud your
trying hard to post in it and keep it alive. Instead what
I see are excuses, accusations and lies.

> He again is mistaken as usual, and is dumb

If you mean "dumb" as in "stupid" well, I'm not
the brightest star in your universe Bob, but if
you mean "dumb" as in "unable to speak" then
that's a very silly statement indeed. The fact I
keep answering your posts would say that I haven't
gotten to the point where I'd feel we could no longer
be on "speaking" terms. As it is I'm still holding on
for a quick, little write up of your own originality
in Occidental Interlingue, no kidding, mistakes
don't count, you'll get an A for effort in my book.

> by default about this stuff.
> He is blinded by his need to have "control" over me by not honoring a simple request. That
> makes him a big man in the site of the auxlang list. A real big man.

Are you trying to insult my need to lose a few pounds
or are you deluding yourself once again?

> It's better than drugs for
> him. He denigrates my education,

How does studying lymphology help you be a linguist,
or an interlinguist for that matter?

> my educational institution,

The "Ambassador"? You actually qualify it as an
educational institution. Well if I misunderstood
its purpose and scope then I was wrong on that one.

> my collection of Occidental material,

That never, because I know you bought it off an
interlingua friend who got a lot of stuff and had
no use for it. Not for the big bucks it brought him.
Would you actually go on record and tell the
folks here in auxlang what the "treasure" actually
cost you? You got a bargain Bob, not because
he needed money so much so but because he
had no use for it. And you made out. Tell the
whole story and we'll see.

> my Ph. D. friends and their association with Auli U.

So this Auli U(niversity) is an actual educational
institution? Like the "Ambassador"? Or a diploma
mill? Or a figment of a delusional mind bent on
seeming something more that what it actually is?

What exactly is Auli U. and who is the accrediting
body? What degrees can one get at Auli U.?

> This is simply a sign of pure
> jealously over who has the Occ material and who doesn't.

I said keep it. Hoard it if you must. But I asked you
to make them public, not for me to have or keep them.
You can have them, and if I had wanted to buy them
I'd been able before you knew they were available,
since they were first made available for sale to
folks on the IL_Strat mail list.

> And, this is why he is desparate to get me to use Occ and make a mistake, even the
> smallest, so he can show his superior knowledge of the language, which he doesn't have.

You are in serious need of help to deal with this
inferiority complex you seem to have Bob. Therapy
might go a long way in helping you with the paranoid
phobia you're exhibiting right now.

> By the way, don't forget to notice his mistakes in his post below.

Ah, yes, once again, and those are? I'm always willing to
learn. Feel free to suggest corrections. But as in the case
of "Un mentiard de Bob" which are not words of my own
originality, and belong in another persons website, to
say it would make a "mentie de Bob" would be inaccurate.
So it would help if you make reference to mistakes or typos
I made. I'm always willing to correct things, that is if I feel like it.

> He is not a qualified Occ
> user by any stretch. Just a jack of all IAL's and expert in none.

Hmmm... What make a person an expert in an IAL?
I'm not claiming I'm that good with Occi, just that I'm
willing to use it since I feel it is a very good example
of the Standard Average European wordstock which
is used globally, not only throughout WENSA territory
but also in old colonies of Europe.

> And, Jay, you couldn't even read Kjell's earlier post where he explained talking with me on
> Skype for over 40 minutes in Occidental.

It's not that I had trouble reading it so much as believing
it. And so I asked for clarifying info, such as had he indeed
received email in Occi from you, not just old Cosmo quotes,
but original thoughts from you expressed in Occidental
Interlingue. And if he had then I would have believed it
because he was saying it. I trust Kjell's opinions and his
point of view is something I enjoy learning about, if he
says something then I believe him.

> Get off your hack horse Jay and honor my request.

Alas, I'm not Don Quijote, maybe more like Sancho Panza.

> Grow up and be a civil person. Honor my request. I do not want to have anything to do with
> your list of languages and people period. I asked you a few years ago to do the same and
> you didn't.

I've already said publicly that I will remove the photo.

> I know you are emotionally desperate to have control over me,

Nope. I'm not into bondage of any sort. You seem
to think you know me quite well as you look at  your
reflection and get upset at the whole world. Does this
take place often? If so you should seek professional help.

> but, common, a
> name and a picture? Boy, that is wild to get your kicks and thrills off that.
> Just think, I can shut up when you honor my request, and remove my name and picture.


What does that say about you? Doesn't it make another
"mentiard" out of you?

> I know you can't give up your imaginary drug, but try.

What imaginary nonsense indeed!

> Just take me off your site. You keep
> trying to prove I'm not an interlinguist, so why not honor your own belief and words. Of
> course, I know you can't because ego prevents you. But, if I am not an interlinguist, do not
> know Occ or IAL's, etc. (your words and belief) then I don't "deserve" to be on the site, right?
> So, honor your own mental deception and remove me from that site. Oh, that is the only
> control you have over me? Well, I wouldn't want to deprive you of that internal pleasure drug.

You have control of the page in
and you chose to not delete the photo from the
page, and the text you added to. So where is
the honor in making stuff up Bob?

> Feel better?

More than a bit disgusted with you, actually, but
otherwise all right.

> Should you ever grow up and realize real men honor such requests, then I would appreciate
> your removing my picture and name.

And what part of ASAP you didn't get,
the A, the S, the other A or the P?

Not soon enough for you, I understand.

> You could try rehab, I understand within a week to three months you can get over trying to
> have that false control kick.
> Bob

If you understand rehab so well, is it from your
own experience? Are you recommending
something of this sort due to your professional
experience and practice of lymphology?

Ok, Bob, once the photo is deleted from my
website, then what? Will you be content? Will you
attempt to "jank my chain" (steal my bling, rob my pride)
in some absurd way to seek a boogie-man that you
can badmouth publicly, a scapegoat to serve at your
disposal, or a human offering for your Temple of Auli?

Give it a break and keep your old Cosmos, Bob.
Keep them real good and skip it.

Jay B.

Auxilingua Project
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