Jay (>), Carl (>>):
> > That kind of membership (called "net membership") is free, as
> > opposed to the full SEJU membership, which includes membership in the
> > landa organizo, and (hence) a subscription to its periodical "La
> > Espero".
> Saluton, Karlo!
> It sounds like a "caste" system, but
> barely :-) Actually I think it's good to
> allow those who want to be "members"
> to just sign up and then offer several
> steps to their involvement and support
> of the group. Those with more zeal will
> no doubt give more towards the membership.

I'm glad you like the idea.

> With any club or any organization, offering
> membership to those who show "interest"
> is a welcoming hand, there is nothing more
> annoying or irritating than finding instead
> the passing around of a plate or a hand
> expecting a hand out for something you
> felt should be free. Like a tax on air, let's
> say.

That's what I've always felt too. SEJU doesn't as of now provide
services valuable enough to merit a membership fee... unless you want
the periodical. We disseminate information through our mailing lists,
but that shouldn't cost anything to get. All the while, all those
individual members (who might not have joined before) add up, and may
in the end give us better grants from the national meta-organization.

Though I'm very positive about this new member strategy, I cannot take
credit for it. Previous, more knowledgeable members of the SEJU board
have laid the groundwork, statute-wise, and then moved on to other
worthy causes.

// Carl