2007/8/19, Carl Mäsak <[log in to unmask]>:
> Kjell (>), Jay (>>):
> > > This person is like the highschool (latin teacher bulley) who picks on another without regret,
> > > but cries foul when his own lies are pointed out.

hey Carl, I hope that in the above quote with " Jay (>>): "
you weren't saying that you attributed those words
to me. They were actually sent in by Bob Petry, not I.

In fact, I was a Latin teacher of Latin I and II at Murdock
High School in Western Massachusetts way back in
the mid 1980's. Currently I'm a teacher of Spanish and
French only and in New Hampshire at that. And I'm
sure any of my previous students would attest to my
never having been a bully to them. I

Just checking for understanding and making sure we
knew who said what.

With regards,
Jay B.


Auxilingua Project
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