At 12:10 PM 9/19/2007, I wrote:
>Another thing I should add -- I am perfectly happy to see beginners 
>and occasional users sticking with 1.0.

And I hasten to add again that these groups are *in addition* to 
those developers who, like Sebastian, have platform and portability 
concerns. That's the best reason right now for keeping your 1.0 
skills intact. XSLT 1.0 now runs in Mozilla, IE, Opera, and Safari as 
well as in just about any server. This in itself a useful thing.

The deeper point is that the designers of 2.0 (in response to 
community pressure, it must be stated) did quite a good job of 
keeping the language intact so that one doesn't have to relearn it in 
order to migrate. There are new things, but the old things are still 
there. You can even continue to write baroque workarounds if you like.


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