Dear Colleagues: 

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new professional 
organization designed to support the scholarship and teaching of American 
literature and culture using digital media.  The Digital Americanists was 
formally brought to life at this year's American Literature Association in 
Boston, and in the past couple of months we have established the necessary 
frameworks to begin officially filling our membership rolls. 

At our new wiki-based website,, you 
will find the constitution, an initial list of members, an initial list of 
associated digital projects, a bibliography of resources, some sample 
classroom syllabi and activities,  and information on how to become a 
member along with a description of the privileges of membership.   

After you've become a member and paid the modest $10 annual fee (which can 
be done conveniently online), we invite you to help build the wiki by 
adding information about yourself, your digital projects, your teaching, 
and whatever else you feel would be of interest to this community. 

Please join us in our efforts to create a vibrant organization that can 
support this growing field of American literature scholarship. 

Andrew Jewell, President 
Edward Whitley, Vice-President 
Amanda Gailey, Secretary/Treasurer