Dear all,

I've just noticed what seems to me a contradiction between the schema 
and Guidelines (P5).

About the <encodingDesc> element, the Guidelines say:

"The content of the encoding description may be a prose description, or 
it may contain elements from the following list, in the order given" 

What the Guidelines seem to imply is that the elements that belong to 
model.encodingPart are to be given in a sequence, but this isn't 
actually true as the  default model allow not only to mix as wished the 
elements of the model.encodingPart, but also to have odd (to me) 
sequences like, for instance:


i.e. a completely unorderd mixture of the elements belonging to 

I find also a bit disorienting the fact that -- in the Guidelines -- in 
the list of allowed elements not all possible <encodingDesc> children 
are listed (for instance <charDesc> is missing).

Is the current state of the Guidelines/Schema as they are supposed to be 
or there is something wrong?



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